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Attendance review

An Attendance Review is an overview of your whole school systems and policy for attendance. It includes discussions with key staff, governor and pupil voice and a statistical analysis of absence data with local and national comparators.


The report is delivered in draft form within two working weeks and will recognise good practice already working in the school as well as making recommendations for further improvements. Education Five can also develop and deliver an action plan from these recommendations if desired by the school.

Busy Attendance officer at Education Five

Independent Education Welfare Officer Support

Education Five understands the varying needs of schools in terms of attendance support. It is also understood that getting to improved attendance or maintaining good levels of attendance needs to happen by a co-ordinated and structured approach to the issues in each school. There are often complex reasons why children do not attend school regularly and establishing good professional relationships with staff, parents and children are key to making these improvements happen.

Parent Support Adviser

Parents/ carers can be a huge influence on a child’s learning and attitude to school. A Parent Support Adviser based in school is an excellent point of accessible contact for parents to discuss a whole range of issues – from financial worries to concerns about their children’s behaviour or refusal to attend school. Education Five provides this role and has the knowledge and experience of working positively with parents to help them access the correct support.

The PSA can also;

  • Work on a one to one with children to discuss worries or problems in a solution focused way

  • Make referrals to appropriate agencies for parents and children to access support

  • Organise and lead in early help cases

  • Be part of the safeguarding team in your school

  • Enhance the support systems already in place in your school.

Parent Support Advisor at Education Five
Work Place Coaching, training & development
Work Place coaching provided by Education Five

Anne-Marie Cartwright is an accredited workplace coach and offers one to one workplace coaching. Workplace coaching offers a confidential space to prioritise and evaluate colleagues desired professional outcomes and then action plan how to get there. The one-hour sessions are usually offered over a period of 4-6 sessions, but this can be negotiated and flexible to suit the specific request.

Training is offered on a range of attendance and exclusion related topics and is tailored to the audience.

On the job training is also offered to staff such as PSA’s or school attendance staff who are new to the role. Additionally, supervision of these staff is also offered as a service from Education Five.


This will ensure that correct standards of case work are maintained and that timely decisions are made on cases. These sessions normally last between 1-1.5 hours and are delivered in the workplace.


School website design

Education Five provides bespoke website design for your school or business. We offer several options to meet a range of needs from initial design and development services to a package which includes ongoing support.

All websites are designed to the DfE and GDPR compliant

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements, arrange a telephone consultation or face to face meeting.

School Website design provided by Education Five


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