Independant Education Welfare Officer Support

Education Welfare Education Five understands the varying needs of schools in terms of attendance support. It is also understood that getting to improved attendance or maintaining good levels of attendance needs to happen by a co-ordinated and structured approach to the issues in each school. There are often complex reasons why children do not attend school regularly and establishing good professional relationships with staff, parents and children are key to making these improvements happen.


Education Five has a proven track record of working effectively with parents, children, school staff and other agencies to improve attendance and inclusion.


Our independent Education Welfare Service provides

· Regular meetings with the designated lead for attendance or Headteacher. Termly or annual evaluations of work undertaken by Education Five can also be provided to illustrate the improvement journey.

· Written register check documents overview of absence statistics and recommendations for next steps on attendance cases at a frequency to suit your school.

· The instigation of attendance procedures including the local authority attendance procedures including attendance case conferences and legal paperwork for parental prosecutions where necessary.

· Home visits, including safe and well checks, notified and un-notified home visits.

· Email and telephone support to your school during office hours.

· Proofs of standard letters for attendance/ persistent absence at different levels of intervention.

· Attendance policy review and update to reflect most current practice and government guidance

· Multi agency working to support families, including the attendance at core groups, ICPC’s. The completion of appropriate referrals including early help where deemed appropriate

· Liaison with the local authority attendance team in your area to ensure the smooth transition of referrals (e.g. CME, EHE), court documents and penalty notice fines.

· Direct work with children and parents to establish and discuss reasons for regular absence and to plan key actions and support needed to make attendance improvements


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